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Message from chairman

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Message from chairman Profile of chairman

Woongjin Foundation is a non-profit foundation established to sow the seeds of hope and love, especially for those underprivileged and living in the shadows of society. We are committed to embodying the philosophy of Seok-keum Yoon, Chairman of Woongjin Group: We will love and love more.

To achieve our goal and make our society warmer and the world more beautiful, we have established and supported a number of welfare and education programs.

woongjin foundation

We have launched music broadcasting for multi-cultural families and foreign workers living in Korea. The ethnic music and cultural programs are delivered by native speakers of Chinese, Vietnamese, the Phillippines and Thai language. The broadcasting service provides cultural comfort to foreign migrants in Korea and helps them become full members of Korean community. It also provides Korean language lesson programs and tips and informations useful for living in Korea.

At the same time we run a number of welfare programs to support children suffering from incurable diseases and their families.

We also run a scholarship program that identifies children gifted in mathematics, science, arts and help them develop their skills to become future leaders in Korea.

We thank you for your interest in Woonjin Foundation's programs, and ask for your continuous support and encouragement.