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1. About our program  节目宗旨

Chinese Family Radio Broadcasting is provided for Chinese living in Korea with
Korean spouses and their children.
Chinese Family Radio Broadcasting delivers Chinese musics, news
and informations about China and multicultural families living in Korea.
Listeners can also learn Korean language and have a better
understanding of Korean culture. We hope our programs will help you
overcome being homesick and get more out of life in Korea.


2. DJ. Deng Jing 邓晶

Hello everyone! I'm Deng Jing and I'll be meeting you on our program - < Multicultural Family Music Broadcasting - Chinese Broadcasting >. I hope we can have heart to heart talks on this program and share joy and sorrow together. I’ll do my best to make your time in Korea both enjoyable and memorable through this program. Thank you.

大家好。我是邓晶。很荣幸能通过《多文化家庭音乐频道-中国语时间》与大家见面。 希望通过我们的节目,能为大家建立一个心连心的平台,与大家一起分享我们在韩国的喜、怒、哀、乐。为您在韩国的生活增添一份快乐,减少一份寂寞。我会尽自己最大的努力,为大家带去最精彩的节目,期待您的关注哦!