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Sub-Programs Details
life in Korea (Monday)

[ 生活韩国 (每周一) ]

How’s your life in Korea? How was your today? You may have happy times and also sad times living a foreign country, and it’s really difficult to live in a foreign country. This corner provides you with chances to share opinions with me about living in Korea through telephone.


understanding Korea deeply

[ 共感韩国/共感KOREA (每周三) ]

This corner provides you with useful and basic knowledge about history, culture, tradition, relics and tourism of Korea. It will introduce historical heroes and events, cultural relics, memorial days, religion, traditional ceremonies, culture and customs of Korea year-round.

通过《了解韩国》 为大家介绍历史人物,文化遗产,历史事件和纪念日,韩国的宗教,传统礼节,地区风俗,帮助大家了解韩国的历史,文化,传统,观光地区等各种常识信息。 《共感 KOREA》特邀居住在韩国的中国朋友们, 为您讲述亲身经历,共讨人生经验。同时,也请一些来自相关机构或团体的韩国朋友,为您支招,解决韩国生活中所遇到的困难。

Reading China (Friday)

[ 朗读中国 (每周五) ]

Every Friday, DJ introduces Chinese literature and recites its works for you. Various genres of Chinese literature from classical to contemporary works will be introduced each time. This corner will provide you with mental placidity in your everyday busy life. As you understand the historical backgrounds and episodes of the literary works, you will be able to feel Chinese traditional culture on the whole through this corner.


Korean language lesson

[ 韩国语讲座 ]

You can learn basic and necessary Korean language conversations through textbook and listen to DJ's explanations.