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Overview of the Foundation

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1. Principle and Philosophy

Woonjin Foundation was established to contribute
to making our society warmer and more beautiful place
for everyone to live in by practicing the management
philosophy of Seok-keum Yoon, Chairman of Woongjin
group. In an effort to live up to its purpose,
Woonjin Foundation has been creating and supporting
a number of social welfare programs, aimed
especially at helping the youth and women.

2. Outline of the Foundation’s Social Welfare programs

The Foundation is committed to supporting the underprivileged in our society with a creative approach that generates practical welfare benefits. The programs are as follows:

  • Social welfare programs that help those who are alienated from the rest of the society or who find themselves in economically difficult circumstances
  • Social welfare programs that help youth and women with socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds stand on their own feet
  • Scholarships and cultural welfare support programs that support youth education, helping alienated children in our society develop and fulfill their potential capacities
  • Other social welfare programs that contribute to the purpose of the Foundation

3. Funding

Of the initial total funding amount of ten billion won, Chairman of Woongjin Group Yoon donated five billion, with the remaining five billion to come from Woongjin Thinkbig and Woongjin Coway. From the second year onwards, three billion won or more shall be contributed to the Foundation annually up to reaching total funding of 100 billion won, which will be used to fund wide ranges of social welfare programs of the Foundation.