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  • Multicultural Family Radio Broadcasting
  • Support programs for Multicultural Families
Overview of Broadcasting
  • How to listen
    • - Skylife 855 (620) / Cable TV(C&M) 811 / Woongjin Foundation website (
  • Broadcasting launched on August 15, 2008
  • Broadcasting Theme: Music of the Homelands to Multicultural Families
    • - Programs focus on music and informations for foreign immigrants in Korea,
      and provide with wisdom and knowledge for living in Korea
  • Broadcasting hours
    • - 24 hours a day
    • - Main broadcasts: 6 hours a day(live) + Rotational programs 3 times:
      18 hours a day (Chinese, Vietnamese, the Philippines, and Thai
    • - Music programs moderated by native speakers (4 hours each language)
      / educational program (2 hours each)
  • Broadcasting Languages
    • - Step 1(2008): Chinese, Vietnamese, the Philippines, and Thai
    • - Step 2(2009): Russian/Uzbek, Mongolian, Japanese, Arabic
  • Audible Area
    • Skylife
    • - Across the Republic of Korea, North Korea, Japan, and some regions in China, Russia
    • C&M
    • - Gangnam, Seoul :
      Seocho , Songpa , Gangdong , Guro , Geumcheon District
    • - Gangbuk, Seoul :
      Yongsan , Jongro , Junggu , Mapo , Seodaemun , Gwangjin ,Nowon , Seongbuk District
    • - Southern area of Gyeonggi Province :
      Hanam , Gwangju , Yeoju , Guri , Namyangju, Yangpyeong , Gapyeong City
    • - Northern area of Gyeonggi Province :
      Goyang , Paju , Woijungbu , Yangju , Pocheon , Yeoncheon City
    • Woongjin Foundation Website (
    • - Real-time listening to whole programs available by Internet
2. About Program
  • Traditional and modern music from each 4 countries
  • Music includes children?�s songs, folksongs, popular songs, traditional and modern musical pieces
  • DJs that can speak native tongues and Korean moderate the programs live.
  • News and informations of listeners??home countries, thus functioning as a homeland plaza.
  • Informations, knowledges and wisdoms for living in Korea. Korean language lessons
  • Proverbs and stories as well as poems and essays from Korea and listeners' home countries
  • Musical art pieces and drama series from home countries
3. Purpose of the Broadcasting
  • Helping foreigners overcome their homesickness and improve their quality of life in Korea.
  • Helping people of same country to form a useful community, to form networks, and to improve communications among themselves and with Korean peoples.
  • Offering opportunities for Koreans to enjoy the music and languages of different cultures and to help develop a better understanding of foreign cultures and of foreigners living in Korea and contribute to globalization of Korea.
  • Cultural exchanges between Koreans and people from different cultures, resulting to boost mutual understanding and friendships between Koreans and Multi-ethnic people.
4. How we prepared the Broadcasting
  • Contract with Digital Radio KISS for cooperation for joint broadcasting.
  • Visit to embassies of China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines in Korea to secure musicical materials and DJs from each 4 countries.
  • Eastablishing a mutual cooperation system with major Radio Broadcasting stations of the four countries.
  • Visits to the four countries to collect musical and broadcasting materials and major radio stations of 4 countries to get continued cooperations for supplying with musical and drama programs.
  • Selection of DJs through recommendations of the embassies of four countries.
  • Trial broadcasting from August 1, 2008 to August 14, 2008.
  • Beginning of main Broadcasting : August 15, 2008.