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Program for Children with Rare and Difficult-to-Cure Diseases

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1. Situation
  • About 500,000 patients in Korea are suffering from any one of more than 110 kinds of rare and difficult-to-cure diseases. Government assistance goes only to a little more than 20,000 people.
  • Developing and preparing welfare programs that offer hope and courage to children who are suffering from rare and intractable diseases and their family members who bear the costs and troubles alone, are strongly and urgently needed.
2. Programs
  • Health and medical care programs for young patients
  • Social and educational welfare programs for children patients.
  • Cultural welfare programs for children patients
3. Application
  • Relevant organizations like civil organizations, professional societies,
    or hospitals can apply for support. Our Support is then provided
    to those selected through predefined screening procedures.
  • Programs that offer practical and essential assistance to patients
    and their family members are mainly selected and actively supported