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Youth Scholarship

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1. Purpose
  • To help talented children from multicultural family backgrounds or low-income brackets grow to become leaders of society and stand as role models for others
  • To Introduce and operate a mentoring system assistance in the fields of mathematics, science, and arts for remarkable talented youth to become valuable human resourses of future Korea.
2. Eligible Applicants
  • Winners of the gold, silver, or bronze medals at the Mathematics
    or Science Olympiad
  • Winners at major music concours (contests) either at home
    or abroad
  • Those invited to the relevant international events or conventions
  • Those recommended by an authoritative academies or experts of
    the relevant fields
  • Those whose talents in the relevant fields can be objectively
    recognized or acknowledged
3. Details of support
  • Tuition and other necessary academical costs are fully covered
  • Once selected as students on scholarships, continued support can be provided as long as they continue to meet predefined requirements